Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Champion for Septentria

Colyne Stewart, March AS XXXVI (2002)

When my Lady and I joined the SCA just over a year ago we knew we wanted to fight. We talked with the fighters in our canton and traveled to Skeldergate as well. We found many brave fighters willing to talk to us and to teach us. But we wondered, were there no female fighters? For we had only met one female fighter, and did not see her again for a very long time.

Then we met Lady Seonag nicThomais. She was small in stature (looking even smaller standing next to her friend Streonwold) but we could tell right away she was large of heart. For a year we have listened to her teachings and we have watched her fight.

At Murder Melee I remember standing under the Septentrian sun shade and seeing her there, not with Streonwold as I had come to expect. It was then I learned she was Isengesitha, a member of the army of Septentria, and she did herself and her Baron proud that day.

At Pennsic too she fought for us, though I could see her only briefly in the sea of spears and shields. It was at War that I learned of her sense of humour, as she came to visit the Ardchreag encampment with Myrgwyn the serpent.

And when the Baron and the Baroness called for a new Baronial Champion, this good gentle was one of those who answered the call. She fought long, she fought hard, she fought against all those who came to the field.

When the battles were over she went to the Baron and Baroness and expounded on the virtues of her opponents, which included a young lad who had authorized that very day.

At court she and the others were summoned to stand in a line before the Thrones. The Baron stood behind each in turn, placing his hands on their shoulders, and praised their skill, spirit and integrity. The choice, he said, had been difficult, but in the end they chose Lady Seonag. Rhys ap Bledri, the former Champion, removed the Champion’s Collar from about his neck and placed it around hers.

When the Baron then called for those who wished to renew their vow to the Isengesitha, or those wishing to swear for the first time, my Lady and I had the privilege to do so with Seonag. We knelt, one to either side of her, while we three swore ourselves to Septentria’s defense.

Truly, Septentria is honoured to have Lady Seonag nicThomais as its Champion.

Wassail Septentria!

Wassail Seonag!

May you make the Bear proud.

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