Sunday, December 5, 2010

Septentria’s Perfect Day

Colyne Stewart, June AS XXXVII (2003)

The sun shone though the clouds threatened rain as the armed might of Septentria gathered on the field. The call had gone out for fighters and the fighters had responded.

From the Isengesitha came Tormod, Seonag, Angus, Brandt, Thorfinna and myself. With us were Brother Henrik, Robert the Blue, Father Will and Ragnarr. Under the spear of Thegn Cynred we took the field in name of the bear.

We met the charge of many foe-friends that day: Rozakii, Hrogn, Marines, Ramshaven, Galbraith, Ben Dunfirth, Ealdormere, Trinovantia Nova. Each charge bleeds into each in my memory, as my wardoor smashed into their lines. At times I pushed; at times I was pushed. Once I was thrown against a fallen comrade, turned, twisted and knocked to the ground, wrenching my knee. I sat one battle, the reentered the shieldwall.

Septentria fought bravely, Septentria fought well. Septentria emerged with a perfect score.

We lost every battle.

When it was over there was no bitterness, no recrimination. Everyone laughed, shook hands, clasped shoulders and praised each other’s skills.

Cynred told us that though we lost we had done Septentria proud. We had fought as one, we had fought for the Bear, and we had had fun.

Our Thegn is wise. As our non-Isen friends were awarded tokens we Gesitha cheered.

It was a good day to be Septentrian.

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