Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Tall Tale

Colyne Stewart, as related to him by Brandt das Lederwerker, September AS XXXVII (2002)

As many around the Kingdom of Ealdormere have heard there is, in the Canton of Flaming Sky, a mead hall. This hall is, slowly, over the years, taking shape. This past month the roof was upon it raised.

This mead hall is on the Ravenhill Farm, and is the child of many, including Cynred, Thegn of Septentria. During Bonfield Battle X, hosted by Flaming Sky, Cynred led a team of shirtless Septentrians who crawled upon the mead hall frame like bees on a hive. Many long hours did Brandt, Berend, Corwyn and Magnus labour under the bright flaming sun hauling wooden planks up the side of the frame and onto the emerging roof.

When at long last, the roof was in place, a bottle was taken to the top. Cynred, leader of men, drank from the bottle, then poured the rest of the contents upon the roof’s surface.

One of his loyal men then took the bottle and placed it upon a rafter. Each rafter is inscribed with the name of one of those whose time and effort were instrumental in the building of the hall. The rafter the bottle now resides on is Cynred’s.

When Cynred asked what people would think, seeing that bottle above his name, one of his men quipped, “It is a relic from the time you were tall.”

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