Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Bobo Came to the Cliffs

Colyne Stewart, January AS XXXVI (2002)

Iolanda de Albornoz, upon returning from one of her sojourns to exotic locales, brought with her a strange animal not native to our shores. She said it was called a monkey and it was a strange creature with feet-like hands and a long tail. Upon being introduced to us, Bobo ran up onto Thorfinna’s shoulder, crossed his arms and titled his head. Many remarked on how much this monkey resembled the canton’s Seneschal, Eirik Andersen. The Norseman commented that monkey likely made good stew.

Perhaps because of this non-illustrious introduction, Bobo became Eirik’s shadow and began to follow him everywhere.

There was one event, which Eirik had forbidden me to speak of, but of which I will speak now. (I am after all a Chronicler and a Bard. I cannot not tell a story.)

Eirik had gone to the inn of sir Jack of the Donkey with other members of the populace to celebrate the birthday of Thorfinna, who had reached the venerable age of thirty. Theirs was not the only celebration being hosted by Sir Jack that day, and a carnival had been set up in the back of the inn, providing games and distraction to the merry-makers.

Eirik, not knowing how to drive a team, still thought it would be entertaining to take part in a wagon race. He sat on the wooden seat, gripped the reins and at the flash of the flag he was off. He pulled the reins to the left, he pulled the reins to the right, avoiding most of the obstacles in his path. Still, no matter how valiantly he drove the other wagon always came out ahead and ended up wining the contest.

When the race was over, Eirik went over to congratulate the other driver, only to discover that it was Bobo! Incensed, Eirik chased the monkey about the inn, his blade flashing. Finally, one of his blows struck home and he chopped off the creature’s tail. Bobo flew into Iolanda’s arms while Eirik victoriously held aloft his new trophy.

After much counselling Eirik and Bobo have learned to live together, though Bobo’s bottoms till bears a scar, and Eirik sometimes mutters about monkey tail stew.

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